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We all know that window cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your home or business. But how often should you do it? The answer to that question depends on what type of windows you have and the climate where you live. For example, if you live in a high humid environment, it might be a good idea to clean your windows more frequently, so they don’t get too dirty and start sticking together when closed. And if you’re living in a low humid state like Arizona, you might have to do it less frequently.

If you have vinyl windows, then weekly maintenance is probably sufficient since these surfaces can withstand dirt and grime better than other materials such as wood and aluminum. On the other hand, if you just bought new wooden windows for your home because they look great with the décor but need to be washed every other week, then you might need to rethink your decision.


If you do window sanitization every six months to a year, there are no frequency issues. However, suppose you only have them cleaned once a year when they need it because they’re so dirty. In that case, that can be considered too infrequent for regular maintenance, which would lead to costly repairs down the line.

Before you make any final decisions, be sure to consult with a professional window cleaner. Window cleaning is not an easy or quick job, and the wrong choice could result in less than stellar results. Let our team of experts at B & B Window Cleaning help answer your questions about when it’s time for your windows to get cleaned!

Contact us today if you have any additional queries on how often we recommend washing those hard-to-reach windows so that they stay streak-free all year round. We are happy to offer competitive pricing as well as discounts for repeat customers – just ask!

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