FACT CHECK: Another lockdown from September 25? [#FactCheck #LockDown]

FACT CHECK: Another lockdown from September 25? [#FactCheck #LockDown]

As coronavirus cases surge by the day, rumors of a nationwide lockdown from September 25, 2020 for 46 days have emerged when a supposed ‘NDMA order’ went viral on social media.

The Press Information Bureau was quick to debunk the rumour calling it fake and clarified that no such lockdowns will be put in place.

An image of the ‘order’ where the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) recommended a nationwide lockdow in light of the soaring coronavirus cases went viral.

The PIB Fact Check, Centre’s Twitter handle to debunk government-related misinformation, said that the rumors were not true.

Coronavirus fact check: Another lockdown from September 25? PIB clarifies:
Deccan Herald

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