FACT CHECK: Did Kerala Director of Medical Education actually ‘ban’ Raksha Bandhan celebrations in medical colleges? [#FactCheck #RakshaBandhan #RamlaBeevi]


FACT CHECK: Did Kerala Director of Medical Education actually ‘ban’ Raksha Bandhan celebrations in medical colleges? [#FactCheck #RakshaBandhan #RamlaBeevi]

A little more than a month after Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu festival that celebrates the brother-sister relationship, a certain post started circulating all over social media.

The content loosely said that Dr Ramla Beevi, Director of Medical Education, Kerala had banned celebrating the festival in all government-run medical colleges in the state because of COVID.

The post was quick to create a lot of hue and cry among the social media users, who slammed Dr Ramla Beevi.

It was also circulated with photographs of her, in which she donned a Hijab, with derogatory messages.

This was picked up by a few websites and published as stories.

The source of this information is a notice by the Directorate of Medical Education, released on September 11, 2020.

The notice’s title loosely translates to ‘About the celebration of Raksha Bandhan in medical colleges.’

It talks about a particular incident, where the RSS had organized Raksha Bandhan celebrations without prior permission.

Slamming the allegations, Dr Ramla Beevi said that no groups are ever banned from conducting any celebrations.

“Last year, there was a clash between two groups in a medical college during the Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Keeping that in mind, we have now asked the students to only seek prior permission. No one is banned from celebrating any festival.”
– Dr Ramla Beevi

Dr Ramla Beevi added that the same applies to any other celebration and that the circular is not exclusive for Raksha Bandhan.

“In this scenario, it has been decided that these celebrations can only be conducted in government medical colleges with prior permission from the institution head and the government authorities.” – The Notice

Fact Check: Did Kerala DME actually ‘ban’ Raksha Bandhan celebrations in medical colleges?
A social media post, that said that Kerala had banned Raksha Bandhan celebrations in its medical colleges, had created a lot of hue and cry:

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