Fellow police officer shot and killed by a French policeman at police headquarters in Paris when he was fooling around with his service weapon and it went off


A French policeman who shot and killed a fellow police officer at police headquarters in Paris was fooling around with his service weapon when it went off.

The accident took place on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at the new headquarters of the criminal police in the northwest of the capital.

The officer who fired the shot was playing with his gun near the entrance to the building when it went off, hitting his colleague in the head.

He has been suspended and taken into custody.

According to a spokesman for the SCPN (Syndicat des commissaires de la Police nationale / Union of Commissioners of the National Police) police union, Jean-Paul Megret, the two officers had been practising drawing their weapons, “either playfully or out of stupidity.”

Noting that such exercises were strictly restricted to the shooting range, the spokesman said it was “all the more tragic given that they were just beginning their careers”.

French policewoman shot dead by fellow officer in gun game:
Times of Malta

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