Instead of “SCHOOL” crosswalk spelled “SCOHOL” in Doral, Florida [#SCHOOL #SCOHOL #Doral]

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Instead of “SCHOOL” crosswalk spelled “SCOHOL” in Doral, Florida [#SCHOOL #SCOHOL #Doral]

A sharp-eyed driver heading down Northwest 54th Street, Doral, Florida on Thursday, April 18, 2019 spotted a school crosswalk that was not quite right.

Instead of “SCHOOL,” the crosswalk was spelled “SCOHOL.”

It’s not known how long the crooked crossing has been on the street or whether anyone else has noticed.

However, after being shown the Local 10 article, the city of Doral said on Twitter that the striping was handled by the developer’s contractor and the city was working to get it fixed “expeditiously.”

Expeditiously. Now that’s a good spelling bee word!

By late Thursday, the mistake had been fixed and school was as it should be… S-C-H-O-O-L.

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