Most Popular Odd News – All Time

Most Popular Odd News - All Time

  1. FACT CHECK: Dominic Cummings has a sister named Alice Cummings who is a director of Idox? [#DominicCummings #AliceCummings #Idox #FactCheck] 18 views
  2. FACT CHECK: Cleveland Clinic told its employees cloth face masks “don’t work”? [#FactCheck #ClevelandClinic #FaceMasks] 7 views
  3. FACT CHECK: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend masks? [#CDC #NoMask #WearMask] 7 views
  4. FACT CHECK: British anti-racism protesters calling for destruction of Giza Pyramids in Egypt? [#FactCheck #GizaPyramids] 06/15 7 views
  5. FACT CHECK: 2 popular bloggers in emotional post on love – Confusion [#FactCheck #KyrzaydaRodriguez #NicoleSchweppe] 5 views
  6. Detroit-area man, Adrian Ansah-Asante driving SUV decked out like police car charged 5 views
  7. FACT CHECK: Spicy snacks, like Takis and Hot Cheetos will cause ulcers in children?? [#FactCheck #SpicySnacks] 05/31 3 views
  8. FACT CHECK: Dr. Anthony Fauci or National Institutes of Health (NIH): Vaccine should be distributed – administered without proper testing? [#AnthonyFauci #NIH #FactCheck] 3 views
  9. FACT CHECK: False quote attributed to Nelson Mandela [#FactCheck #FalseQuote #NelsonMandela] 2 views
  10. FACT CHECK: Central Bank of Lebanon building in Beirut destroyed by explosion? [#FactCheck #BeirutExplosion #CentralBankOfLebanon] 2 views
  11. FACT CHECK: Truck crashed into parked helicopter – accident happened in Punjab, India? [#FactCheck #TruckCrashIntoHelicopter] 2 views
  12. Fellow police officer shot and killed by a French policeman at police headquarters in Paris when he was fooling around with his service weapon and it went off 2 views
  13. Mike Weirsky, the New Jersey man who won $273 million Mega Millions jackpot wants to reward the mystery person who returned the tickets he had left to a Quick Check store in Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania border 2 views
  14. 32 paracetamol caplets cost nearly £10? [#TheWorldsGoneMad #SystemError #JhootsPharmacy #FromeRoad #OddDown #Paracetamol #CoronaVirus] 1 view
  15. #KuToo: Japan Labor Minister, Takumi Nemoto will not support drive to ban dress codes forcing women to wear high heels at work 1 view
  16. Theme park in Tennessee to feature an attraction allowing people to experience the crash which killed Princess Diana and vote on conspiracy theories around the death [#Tennessee #PrincessDiana #Conspiracy Theories] 1 view
  17. Popcorn seller catches attention of Pakistan Air Force by building his own plane in Tabur village in central Punjab province in Pakistan 1 view
  18. FACT CHECK: Will the world end on June 21, 2020? [#FactCheck #WorldEnd #June212020 #MayanCalendar] 06/21 1 view
  19. Nepal sending team of government-appointed climbers up Mount Everest to remeasure its height 1 view
  20. AMAZON DRIVER: Amazon driver celebrated for delivering little fun — attention to detail — with her packages [#AmazonDriver #Knock3Times #Abracadabra] 1 view
  21. FACT CHECK: Former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden owns private island in Caribbean [#FactCheck #JoeBiden #PrivateIsland] 1 view
  22. Full-size autonomous electric bus soon to start trial runs unveiled by Swedish automaker Volvo Buses and its local partner Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore 1 view
  23. Jessica Mavis from Australia: “…when I found out I was having a girl, my husband suggested we replace the ‘ait’ with the Roman numeral symbol for 8. 1 view
  24. FACT CHECK: Another lockdown from September 25? [#FactCheck #LockDown] 1 view
  25. When snow hit Tucson, Arizona, a town not used to having cold weather, officers decided to investigate the “suspicious substance.” 1 view
  26. Hurricane Irma survivor Rob DePiazza’s new Florida home… out of steel shipping containers 1 view
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